Competitions schedule

Mar 17, 2014

  This is the schedule for the contests and tournaments available at TIG Con. Prizes for all these competitions will consist of board games, card games, prize kits, goodies and accessories. Prizes for MTG Tournament consists of money, as described in the rules. The format and structure for each competition listed will be announced soon.
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King of Tarmac


For those of you interested or curious to try a game in the testing phase - join TIG Con and help aspiring designer Arthur Andras develop his King of Tarmac.




Name: King of Tarmac  

Designer: Arthur Andras  

Number of Players: 2-6  

Recommended Age: 10 +  

Playing Time: 120 min  

Game Type: Strategy  

Mechanic: Worker Placement / Dice Rolling / Building  

Language Dependence: No necessary in-game text  


Cities always need roads to develop and communicate. Anyone willing to help them make these road connections will be supported by the municipality, so try to be the first to connect the whole area. You are not alone out there, so this will be no easy task, as other competitors are trying to do the same thing. Competition will be tough in order to aquire equipment, financial support and terrain aquisition. Strategically choose the best locations to build your roads in order to receive the best rewards, while training your workers and growing your team.