Competitions schedule

Mar 17, 2014

  This is the schedule for the contests and tournaments available at TIG Con. Prizes for all these competitions will consist of board games, card games, prize kits, goodies and accessories. Prizes for MTG Tournament consists of money, as described in the rules. The format and structure for each competition listed will be announced soon.
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Photo: Carmen

Photo: Carmen


Board Games

Meeples, dice, wooden cubes,  boards, playing mats, cards, decks, plastic figures, monsters, heroes, addiction, strategy, hexes, stamina, diplomacy, workers, warriors, luck, castles, tokens, counters, bluffing,  bidding, rules, surviving, excitement, range, hit points,  turns, actions, tiles, points, encounters, and especially LOTS OF FUN.


If you are a long time board game player or someone that just played their first game of Catan, Carcassonne or Ticket to Ride, we welcome all of you to TIG Con. During the duration of event, we will have all sorts of boardgaming related activities that should keep everyone entertained:

Contests: With the contribution of local publishers, sellers and distributors, we are going to run a large number of contests for games like: Magic: The Gathering, Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne, Ticket to Ride, Android: Netrunner, A Game of Thrones, and many, many others. We are still working on details for these contests, so check back regularly for updates on the dates and registration process.



Game demonstrations: At every booth, the publishers and sellers will have tables where the new releases and previous year hits will be demonstrated. Games are generally available and will be explained in English and Romanian language.  


Play testing: If you would like to offer valuable feedback to a board game designer on one of his prototype games, we will have a number of unreleased games that will be available for playtesting during TIG Con. As soon as we get confirmation on the name of the games from the publishers and their availability during the event, we will announce them through the online channels.  


"Game of the year in Romania/Jocul Anului in Romania" - During TIG Con, you will have the chance to nominate the games that are going to be in contention for the title of "Game of the Year in Romania". Don't miss the chance to bring forward your favourite board game from the previous year. If it makes it on the shortlist for the final judges, who knows, it might even win the grand prize.  


PLAYING GAMES - this is what TIG Con is about, after all. You can play games provided by the exhibitors, or if you would like to play any game with your friends during our event, you are encouraged to bring them from home. Perfect occasion to put on the table the 6 hours games you never have the time to play, or try the games you haven't had the occasion to play yet. The playground with its almost 400 available seats awaits you and your friends.