Competitions schedule

Mar 17, 2014

  This is the schedule for the contests and tournaments available at TIG Con. Prizes for all these competitions will consist of board games, card games, prize kits, goodies and accessories. Prizes for MTG Tournament consists of money, as described in the rules. The format and structure for each competition listed will be announced soon.
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Banner Dominion 3

Many of you have played it, enjoyed it, and maybe found out it is not such a difficult game. That is, until you get to a tournament. At TIG Con there will be two separate competitions, so you will get two chances of winning. Prepare your gear, and fight for Dominion !


Each Dominion tournament at TIG Con will consist of four rounds each of 60 min. Each table will have a fixed number of players (3 or 4), which will play in the next tier according to the results of the previous rounds. Winners of each round will be awarded partial scores and the one who will collect the most partial points of three rounds will be the winner of the tournament. Cards from the Dominion base game will be used, without expansions.


Set up for the game: each player draws five cards and choses three to form the game deck. Players will play two rounds at the same table, with the start position reversed for the second round. The second round’s card selection is done the same way.


Prizes will consist of board games offered by