Competitions schedule

Mar 17, 2014

  This is the schedule for the contests and tournaments available at TIG Con. Prizes for all these competitions will consist of board games, card games, prize kits, goodies and accessories. Prizes for MTG Tournament consists of money, as described in the rules. The format and structure for each competition listed will be announced soon.
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Yearly Archives: 2014

Amused Sloth

blue-moon-over-connecticut edit 2

Amused Sloth's goal is to make games that bring a smile to your face. As an independent game studio based in Romania, the team is always trying to experiment with new mechanics and themes, striving to make fun games infused with humour and charm.   Their team will be at TIG Con to present their games, like Asgard ...
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Transylvania: Curses and Traitors


Loren & Jamie Cunningham from the U.S. have a project on Kickstarter - Transylvania: Curses & Traitors. Courtesy of a friend of our con, we spoke with them and they sent us a full PNP version of their game, which we will print and make it available for you at TIG Con. More information about the game ...
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Regional Championships: A Game of Thrones LCG and Star Wars: X-Wing


Regional Championships     A Game of Thrones LCG and Star Wars: X-Wing are premier events with Regional Championship status.       A Game of Thrones LCG Championship starts Sunday, 25 May at 12.00, registration is available here       Star Wars: X-Wing Championship starts Friday, 23 May at 17.00, registration is available here For X-Wing, we can provide core sets for players who do not ...
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King of Tokyo Contest

kot con

The fight is actually between Alienoid, Cyber Bunny, Giga Zaur, Kraken, Meka Dragon, and The King. The city is caught in the middle of this titanic fight which finds no other wrestling ring than the streets and buildings of Tokyo.   You may learn the game on the spot - and roll the dice to victory!       The contest will ...
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Dominion Twin Tournaments

Banner Dominion 3

Many of you have played it, enjoyed it, and maybe found out it is not such a difficult game. That is, until you get to a tournament. At TIG Con there will be two separate competitions, so you will get two chances of winning. Prepare your gear, and fight for Dominion !   Each Dominion tournament at TIG Con ...
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Tzolk’in Tournament

tzolkin contest

For some of us, Tzolk'in, the 260-day Mayan calendar usually helps us know the best times for the cultivation of maize, to choose the best days for marriage and sets due dates for observance of the gods.   For others, it's just a game.   Tzolk'in tournament on May 24 will consist of three rounds each of 75 min. ...
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Story Cubes Story Contest

story cubes csss

In attention of children and parents who love stories - The Creativity Hub and Red Goblin announce Rory's Story Cubes Contest. Will have the award festivity and presentation of the most beautiful stories at TIG Con, on May 24.   All you have to do is, starting from Monday, to watch the contest page and write an interesting ...
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